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Ada-Java comparison

This tutorial provides a side-by-side comparison of an object-oriented design that uses dynamic dispatching and is implemented in both Ada and Java.

Zip File Ada source

Zip File Java source

  • Ada-Java comparison: (play)
    - Class diagram (JPG)


Ada-Java binding

The Ada-Java Interfacing Suite or AJIS, provides tools and libraries to enable the development of applications, where both Ada and Java are the programming languages. The standard scenario for the use of this technology is one in which Java is the client and Ada is the server. For example, Ada could be used to process financial transactions or control a real-time system such as a surveillance-radar or a high-speed train, and in each case Java could provide the graphical user-interface and other services which might change from one customer to another. From the Libre website you can download the AJIS software and documentation. 


Ada unit-testing

This tutorial collection introduces AUnit version 3.2.1 and shows how to use the framework to code a test-case scenario (TCS) under specific conditions, organize several TCSs within a test-case (TC), collect TCs into a test-suite (TS), collect TSs into a TS, run multiple TSs with a single command, and report test results. The examples below range from simple to complex.

The AUnit framework is available for download from the Libre website. It is also available via the link below, including the extended version that is used in the Liskov example.

Zip File AUnit Library version 3.2.1

Zip File AUnit_Extended Library version 2.01

PDF file AUnit Manual version 3.2.1


GNAT Project Manager - Introduction

This tutorial shows how to configure the GNAT Project Manager (GPM) from GPS - the GNAT Programming Studio.


GNAT Project Manager - Advanced

This tutorial describes how the GNAT Project Manager (GPM) can be used to develop very large and highly-reliable software systems.

The GPM is an integral part of the GNAT development environment and is available for download from the Libre website.

  • Part 1: Divide & Conquer (play)
  • Part 2: Development Strategy and Overview (play)
  • Part 3: Variables (play)
  • Part 4: Qualifiers, Attributes, Source Filters (play)
  • Part 5: Packages (play)
  • Part 6: Workspace (play)
  • Part 7: Production build of the Application Layer (play)
  • Part 8: Production build of the Framework Layer (play)
  • Part 9: Limited-with Relationship (play)
  • Part 10: Pre-release Overview (play)
  • Part 11: Pre-release Details (play)
  • Part 12: Programming Scenario 1 (play)
  • Part 13: Programming Scenarios 2 .. 5 (play)
  • Part 14: Conclusion (play)



These tutorials highlight technologies developed by AdaCore. The idea here is to provide a basic introduction and overview. For technical details AdaCore's documentation and professional services is the definitive reference.

The videos are encoded to smooth-stream to a Silverlight-enabled browser from an IIS7 server at a display resolution of 1280x720.

These tutorials are also available on YouTube via the "The Bigelow Channel".

If you have comments or suggestions related to the tutorials, I would be happy to hear from you.