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Graph of the Workflow

The process workflow graph shows the key activities in an iteration cycle. The completion of a cycle (a release) represents an increment forward in the development of the software system.

Each member of the development team uses the flow graph to guide their activities. The team lead should be able to identify at any time where each member is located within the workflow. Not every member will be in the same place in the workflow at the same time, nor is this necessary. However, project planners should try to assign use-case collections such that convergence at the synchronization point is possible within an reasonable time frame.

The amount of time and effort spent in the different activity boxes during a given iteration will depend on the phase of the project. The distribution of time and resources spent on business modeling, requirements capture, analysis and design, implementation, and testing for a healthy project is illustrated in the diagram on the Phases and Iterations page.

Refer to the workflow page for a detailed description of the workflow elements.

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Color is used in the flow graph to indicate the following:

Brown: management

Blue: model and code

Red: risk-related

Green: quality control

Purple: requirements

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