The Company

BIGELOW Website Innovation was founded to provide companies of all sizes with a competitive advantage by offering professional website design and support services at very competitive rates. We are able to keep the cost of website projects under control by using industry standards, a proven and robust content management system, commercially available modules and templates, an efficient infrastructure and a disciplined development process. With this strategy we are able to avoid time-consuming activities such as custom programming and can instead concentrate on high value-added activities related to design, integration and testing. In addition to creating attractive and functional websites, we also empower the customer with the ability to take full control over the content and management of their website without the need for assistance from IT specialists. After all, what use is a website that you cannot easily update?

The Team

  • A designer knows that he has achieved perfection, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

    Daniel Bigelow: Founder, Designer, Developer

    Daniel Bigelow (Canadian/Swiss) has many years of experience in the design and implementation of software solutions for domains that require high levels of reliability. For example, Finance, Telecommunications, Air Traffic Management and Railway Control. Having identified an excellent business opportunity in the Internet domain, he moved to his favorite part of Switzerland and founded this company.

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    Future Collaborator: Graphic Designer

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    Future Collaborator: Web Developer

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How can we help?

Contact Information

Sanggenbühl 20, 3655 Sigriswil, BE
Office: 033 535 52 72, Mobile 078 634 73 84
Skype ( bigelowd )


Why Sigriswil?

Concentration and creativity need peace, quiet and a pleasant working environment to deliver the best results in the least amount of time. Only with a clear head do clear concepts develop when guided by an uninterrupted focus on the essentials important to the customer. That is one of the reasons we work at a location off the beaten path. However, that does not mean our office is located in the middle of nowhere. Sigriswil is only a 20 minute drive from the center of Thun and whenever a face-to-face meeting is desired, we are happy to come to your location. Or feel free to come to us – the view is great from here!